How it works

With our service you can rent games and keep them as long as you like! With

There are never any late fees or penalties - we encourage you to take your time to play and enjoy at your own pace. To get started, just Sign Up and add any desired titles to your Q. We’ll ship them straight to your door or the nearest point to you, and there are no shipping charges to receive or send back discs.

We carry games from all major platforms, including:

  • PS4
  • Xbox One

How long will it take to get my games ?

Typically, you should only have to wait a couple of days to receive your games, and we will make sure it deliverd to you before the weekend. Still unsure if our service is right for you? Try for 15 days, free of charge!

If you really love one of the titles you have out, you can choose to buy it directly from your Q (when available) and keep it forever. We will send you the original case and any codes that it may come with. Members also receive free shipping for purchasing new and used titles!

Games are shipped through our agents, from our shipping center.